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You’re 1 Week Pregnant!

What’s Happening During This Week?

During this first week of your pregnancy you are not really pregnant yet. This week is when you have your period and is actually pre-ovulation. During week one, your period, or menstruation, is when the shedding of the lining of the endometrium ( the uterine lining) takes place. Menstruation is also known as ‘menses’. All female humans have regular periods during their reproductive years.

A period is a bleed from the womb or uterus that is released through the vagina. Most women have a period approximately every 28 days. However, some women may have a 21-day cycle while others have a 35-day cycle. A period is part of a woman’s menstrual cycle and can last from 3 to 7 days, as all women are different. Your breasts may be tender and you may feel on edge and hormonal.


During this time, many other cyclic changes are occurring within the ovaries and endometrium as a result of the influence of pituitary gonadotropic follicle stimulating hormone known as FSH and luteinizing hormone known as LH.

At this pre fertilization stage it is a good idea to think about immunities, current and past health issues, family history, medications, lifestyle and vitamins.

If you have a specific question in regards to your cycle don’t hesitate to post in the comments below, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Until next time, thanks for watching / reading.
Monica Healy


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  • Samantha

    Hello Monica! I would like to know that if I have a regular 28 day cycle, and it always last between 5 and is usually off by the 6th day, is it possible that I am pregnant? To help you better understand, my cycle is a regular 28 day cycle, it always stays on 5 or 6 days, but this month it came on Saturday, Dec. 3rd and went off Dec. 5th. Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant?

    • Monica

      Hi there Samantha,
      Thanks for visiting. If you have a regular 28 day cycle a woman usually ovulates on around day 14. The first few days of your cycle can fluctuate between 2 to 7 days. The stimulation of ovaries comes from hormone instructions, these can also fluctuate.So to answer your question, yes, you could be pregnant. But, if your flow was bright red and relatively heavy for two days and arrived around the time it usually does then it is unlikely that you are pregnant. A completely missed cycle is usually the first sign of pregnancy. Have you tried a pregnancy test. The ones out there today are fairly accurate. Try a test or speak to your doctor if you are unsure. Thanks again for commenting. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. – Kindly, Monica

  • rah

    HI monica….i hav a irregular menstrual cycle.sum times 30 days sum tymes more than that.(2 months).My last period was on 21st of jan…now i feel sick at times..see lots of frightening dreams…and i hav a tender pain in the breast.but no spotting..!.if im pregnant will i be able to confirm it with a Pregnency detecting kit nw?can u kindly help..if im pregnant kindly suggest some food that help to increase the hormone which help in the health of the baby.

    • Monica

      Hello Rah,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      If the first day of your cycle was 21/01/2012 that would make you 4 weeks 2 days pregnant as of today the 20th of February. I would wait another week and then take an early morning urine pregnancy test. If that is positive a good healthy vitamin supplement could be purchased from the pharmacy. The pharmacist would be the best person to recommend a pregnancy supplement. Your doctor would be the best person to talk to in regards to diet.

      I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact me again.

      All the best in good health and happiness.


  • Shyla

    Hi Monica, Im not sure if im pregnant or not, I had unprotected sex about 7 days ago, We used the “with-drawl” Method, But ya know it doesn’t always work, Ive been feeling really strange today and yesterday. Like harsh cramping in my left side and my back has been hurting really bad. Do you think this is a pregnancy? Or is it all in my head since I want a baby so bad? When would be the soonest I could take a test and get accurate results? I need to know ASAP!

    • Monica

      Hi there Shyla,
      Thanks for writing!
      Using the withdrawal method is not always successful, that’s true. Is your partner ready for parenthood ?

      If 7 days have gone by I would suggest waiting at least another 5 days before performing a pregnancy test. You need to wait until at least 12 days after ovulation to ensure accurate results.

      Symptoms of pregnancy can be experienced by some women even before their missed cycle but not very often as early as 7 days after fertilization.

      Good luck and thank you again for contacting us.

  • salma

    hi Monica, I used to have a 27 regular menstrual cycles before I get married 3 months ago since when I have had an ovarian cyst for a month which required hormonal therapy to be cured then my period came out on 10th march for 1st time after marriage but on 24th march it came out again with bright red colour with no reason so another hormonal therapy was prescribed for 20 days to regulate my cycles. I finished it on 16th April but untill now I didnt have my period, Could I be pregnant knowing that I take a HPT and came out negative?

    • Monica

      Hi Salma,

      Thank you for contacting us. It sounds as though you are trying to regulate your cycles so the time of ovulation can be difficult to determine. If you had unprotected intercourse on March 23rd yes you could be pregnant and you would be about 6 weeks along. A HPT should give you positive results at this time if in fact the intercourse was around the time you ovulated.

      Let us know and thanks again.

  • Scarlett

    I had a period April 6th andI stopped taking birth control about a month ago on April 9th.
    I beleive I have a 27 day cycle.
    My last period started on may 3rd and stopped mid-day may 6th.
    My husband and I had unprotected sex May 6th and May 7th, he ejaculated in me both times. We also had unprotected sex May 10th but he pulled out before he ejaculated.
    What are the chances that i become pregnant?

    • Monica

      Hello Scarlett,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      I think that the chances of you being pregnant are low because usually ovulation takes place mid cycle. From what you tell me you had unprotected intercourse on day 3 and day 4 and again on day 7 of your cycle. Ovulation usually takes place around day 14. You mentioned coming off the birth control recently and sometimes it takes time for your cycle to regulate itself making ovulation difficult to predict.

      I hope this helps

  • Melody

    Okay I need help. I had unprotected sex. But i have had the depo shot on Dec. 29, 2015. And I think I am pregnant. Can I still get pregnant? And I have been throwing up, cramping and very light-headed. What should I do?

  • Helen

    Ok my period is irregular and I bleed pretty bad last month basically non stop and then this month I figured I would start on the 13 cause that when I started last month and I haven’t and my boobs and body has gotten bigger . I haven’t had a period at all and I took a pregnancy test last night said negative and I took anouther one this morning around 8 and it said negative what should I do ? Does it sound like I may be pregnant ?

  • Makayla Grace Mayes

    My period is 8 days late, I had unprotected sex on March 13th. My period is sometimes irregular but never more than 2 days late. Ive taken a few pregnancy tests and they came back negative. I read online youre supposed to wait 14 days of a missed period so it will be accurate. The only symptoms I seem to be having are irritability, tiredness and some nausea. I need help