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You’re 10 Weeks Pregnant!

What’s Happening With Your Baby During Week 10?

During this exciting time, all of your Baby’s vital organs have completed the most critical portion of their development. The embryonic tail is completely gone. The fingers and toes are no longer webbed but are completely formed and separated.The tissue that was webbed between the fingers and toes disappear by a chemical message outside the cells between the digits that tell them to destruct and is done by a specific enzyme … amazing. Your Baby is swallowing fluid and the kidneys have started to function. The liver is now producing red blood cells. Bones of the skeleton are now forming and the joints of the upper and lower limbs can bend. The outer ears are taking on their final form. There are buds for the future teeth present and tiny nails are forming and so are hair follicles. If your baby is a boy his testes will already be producing testosterone. The arms are held forward over the heart and the legs are bowed. By the end of this week your baby will have completed organogenesis and will from this moment on be now referred to as a fetus.

What’s Happening With You At Week 10?

Although all women are different and experience changes very differently at varying times during pregnancy, many physical changes are taking place. You may notice your breasts are starting to grow larger. They may increase as much as two bra sizes throughout the pregnancy. Nipples become more prominent and so are the small glands around the areola (the colored skin area surrounding the nipple). These changes are in preparation of milk production so that you can breast feed after baby is born. You will begin to put on weight due to increase in blood volume and body fluids. This increase in blood volume provide adequate oxygen for the developing fetus.You may find your hair and nails are growing stronger and longer. Increased hormone levels can leave your skin feeling softer but can also lead to unwanted pimples.


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  • maryam

    Hi there
    Thanks a lot for chatting with me about my baby
    I am appreciated
    I want to ask
    Is the pains in my lower back and lower abdominal is normal
    Shall I do something
    I feel worry all the time because of the pain
    I can’t set down more than a minute without feeling of pain
    Also I can’t stand up or walk for more than minutes
    All the time I am laying down
    Could you please help me to know my situation
    Thanks a lot again

  • Johana Garcia

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I recently started to bleed. I went to the hospital and baby looks fine the did various test. The doctor did mention that I could be bleeding because I’m dehydrated or also because a part of my placenta came off. Could that really happen? And should I really be concerned about a piece of the placenta coming off?