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You’re 12 Weeks Pregnant!

What’s Happening With Your Baby During Week 12?

Week 12 of your pregnancy is a very exciting time, as this week marks the end of your first trimester!

This week, your Baby’s face takes on further definition and the chin and nose are more defined. Your Baby also has finger and toe nails. The arms and legs have developed their length.  Your little one is sensitive to touch and can squint and swallow. The fluid that Baby swallows fills the stomach and is also excreted by the kidneys. Your Baby’s heart rate may slow slightly from about 170 beats per minute (bpm) to approximately 160bpm.

The Baby will bounce and stretch and is about 3 inches long from head to toe. On an ultrasound you can see the tip of the fetal nose, the skin and the nasal bone. The external genitals can also be seen. The nub seen between the legs is the penis in a male and the clitoris in a female. There is a theory that states that the gender of the Baby can be determined at 12 weeks and that if the nub points horizontal it is a girl and if it points upwards it is a boy, well that’s the theory anyways!

In the past 12 weeks your Baby has seen the most dramatic of changes it will ever experience and now definitely looks like a human.

Now Baby’s job is to mature and grow.

What Are You Going Through This Week?

Your body is changing too. Up until this point the ovary that produced the fertilized egg has been producing hormones such as estrogen and progesterone to support the pregnancy but now, the placenta is playing a larger roll in producing hormones.

You may still be bothered by morning sickness, heartburn, breast soreness and heaviness. Due to increased blood volume and the increase in the hormone HCG and progesterone, your skin may take on a lovely glow and your hands and feet may feel warmer. Your heart will have to work harder with the increase in blood volume and this can contribute to continued fatigue and headaches.

Your uterus still lies low in your pelvis but your doctor may be able to feel the top of it just above your pubic bone. You may feel pain in your lower abdomen as the ligaments that support the uterus are stretching. If you move suddenly and feel a sharp pain on one side, this can be caused by the sudden pull of the round ligament that attaches the uterus to the inner abdominal wall. It would be normal for you to have put on about 2 to 3 pounds in weight.

All these changes can also affect the way you feel and react to situations, try not to worry as all of this is a normal part of pregnancy. I like to stress that not all women or their pregnancies are the same and that you may feel all or none of these symptoms we mention. If in doubt feel free to talk to your doctor or ask around in the pregnancy forums.


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  • cristy

    Hi Monica,
    Is it normal for me to feel a movement in my lower abdomen at week 12?

    • Monica

      Hi Cristy,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      It is not unusual that you feel movement in your lower abdomen during pregnancy but these symptoms at 12 weeks are related to your gastointestinal tract and not the baby moving.

      These movements are commented on regularly by my clients.

      Thanks again for writing to us.

  • Amberghulam Mustafajunejo

    Because of stretching me right leg i have got a little pain in one side of the lower abdomen.
    Should i consult a doctor or let it go?