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You’re 15 Weeks Pregnant!

What’s Happening With Your Pregnancy This Week

This week your Baby is starting to grow hair on his head, the eyebrows are starting to fill in and the pigment of the hair colour is starting to appear.

Your Baby’s eyes and ears continue to develop. The ears are still sitting a little low on the head but are getting close to their final destination. Baby can’t quite hear yet but the tiny bones of the baby’s inner ear are starting to harden.

Baby’s bone and marrow that make up the skeletal system are still developing. Baby’s movements are becoming more refined and perfected. Baby can now make a fist with her little hand. While all this is happening, Baby is swimming around in amniotic fluid. This fluid fills the nose mouth and the air sacs of the lungs. Baby swallows this fluid which fills the stomach, is filtered by the kidneys then excreted and emptied by the bladder as urine.

What Is Happening With You During Week 15?

A lot of changes are going on within you as well. The pregnancy hormones circulating in your body can cause your gums to swell so extra dental care may be in order. Your skin, especially your breasts and abdomen are stretching, making them feel dry and itchy. This is where some extra moisturizing creams and oils can help. With the cream, try to avoid the nipple area at this time unless you have special nipple cream.

Stretch marks may start to appear. There is little you can do about stretch marks but applying creams or vitamin E oil may help.

Other skin changes are taking place as well. Chloasma (pronounced kloh-az-muh) known as the “mask of pregnancy” is a patch of pigmentation which appears on the face usually across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Wearing sun screen can help avoid further pigmentation. This chloasma is caused by hormone influences on the skin’s pigmentation. Most of these skin changes will disappear after the pregnancy is over. The other area of extra pigmentation is a line visible from your belly button to the top of your pubic bone. This line is called the linea negra and like other pigmentations will go away after Baby is born. If you are fair skinned these discolorations may be less noticeable.


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