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You’re 25 Weeks Pregnant!

What’s Happening This Week?

Your darling baby is now tipping the scales at 1.5 pounds or just under 700 grams with a length of 9-13 inches or 23-34 centimeters. Remember that all babies can differ in size at any fetal stage from 11 to 40 weeks so our measurements are just approximate.
Okay, not only is she increasing in size, but her lean, little body is beginning to gain some fat. Her wrinkled skin will soon begin to fill out and she looks a little plumper like this 3D image of a 25 week fetus.

Her hair is also making more of an entrance and baby is looking more and more like a newborn baby!

Baby will also be sounding like a newborn baby with fully functional vocal cords, well that’s if she was outside the womb. That’s right. She is ready to make her entrance into the world screaming her head off, as any respectable baby would.
But for now, inside the womb, baby is receiveing stimulation from the outside world and baby is beginning to develop a sense of self.

With the ears, nose, and touch the brain is being bombarded with messages and baby is interpreting these. The taste buds are developed and baby can taste strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. Hearing is the most developed sense at this time and baby has plenty to hear, Mom’s heart beat, baby’s own heart beat, gastric sounds, outside conversations and music. Baby can hear lower pitched voices that may appear distorted and of course Mother’s as it’s transmitted through her body.

She won’t experience seeing as it’s too dark in the womb but she practices opening and closing her eyes and developing the blinking reflex. We beleive that likely baby can see strong sunlight through the wall of the womb if Mom was lying on the beach for instance and the sun was shining down on Mom’s tummy.

Your baby is also developing more of an equilibrium. It’s imperative that he distinguish between up and down because soon he will need to make his way into the head-down position for his journey through the birth canal and into your arms. Some babies are more stubborn than others, and if for some reason your baby remains breech (usually characterized by a feet-first or bum first presentation) that doesn’t mean he’s lacking a sense of equilibrium.

Your baby can now hold her feet and curl her hand into and fist….you can see in this 3D image baby trying to grab her foot.

Within baby’s gums baby’s permanent teeth are developing…amazing isn’t it and we won’t see those until your baby is at least 6 years old. The nerves around the baby’s mouth are more sensitive now preparing baby for the essential task of finding Mother’s nipple once she is born.

I wanted to mention at this time that the umbilical cord is thicker and much more resilient. The cord is encased is a firm jelly called Warton’s jelly that helps prevent kinking and knotting protecting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients from your placenta to baby.

Feeling more like a zombie this week than a mom-to-be? If sleeplessness has not already hit you, then it soon may. Fight the insomnia by making yourself as comfortable as possible. Try sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your legs and possibly under your abdomen as well. Some women swear by pregnancy pillows or even a plush body pillow. Also, by tapering off your water intake throughout the day, you may have to make less, of those dreaded bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Think of the absent slumber as practice for the arrival of your little one.

Along with lack of sleep, your rampant hormones are still generating a wide array of symptoms. Sometimes a simple trick can help you feel more comfortable throughout the day. To diminish constipation, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods including whole-grains and those much needed fruits and veggies. Consider adding oat or wheat bran to anything that you can for an added fiber bonus. Gas and bloating are normal as digestion has slowed down. Throw heartburn into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a threatening threesome. With your practitioner’s permission, try out a mild antacid such as Tums. You’ll also get the added benefit of some extra calcium.

There are still positives that outweigh the insufferable symptoms—Your rapidly developing Bundle-O-Joy. You are on the cusp of the third trimester—probably still enjoying short bursts of energy here and there—and almost two thirds of the way done. Take advantage of the extra energy. Be sure to stop or take a break if you are feeling overly tired though. Try not to lie flat on your back. Refrain from contact sports or movements where you could lose your balance and, drink, hydrate, knock back, gulp, slurp, or do whatever it takes to ingest as much water as you need. Also, work on the fun (yet necessary) things: plan baby’s nursery, begin to shop for more maternity clothes—yes, that basketball belly will soon have your outfits bursting at the seams—and enjoy the overall experience of “nesting” mother natures way for Mom to prepare for her little one.


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