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You’re 26 Weeks Pregnant!

Congratulations you are in your last trimester.
Your little kickboxer is developing quite a bit these days and continuing to fatten up. He is anywhere fom 9 to 14 inches or 23 to 36 centimeters and weighs an incredible 2 pounds or .9 kilograms. Up till now most of the increase in baby’s weight has been due to the accumulation of protein which is needed to build up his cells but now baby will start to gain weight in the form of fat cells. 3d photo??
He continues to take practice inhaling and exhaling the the amniotic fluid as his lungs continue to develop. If you have a boy, his testicles are descending into the scrotum. His eyes are also continuing to form as the final layers of the retina have developed. The iris which is the colored part of the eye remains underdeveloped and still lacks pigmentation but your baby can see, which means he likely notices bright lights through the uterine walls.
Not only can your baby see, but his sense of hearing has also been heightened. Brain scans have proven that your baby does repond to touch and sound. You can see this 26 week fetus smiling and the hands are so delicate and defined…….It’s never too early to begin singing, reading, and having conversations with Baby. With sharper senses, your baby will respond by blinking and moving if loud noises are near your belly. You can see in this 4D image of a 26 week fetus stretching and don’t worry the arms are there but baby has stretched so much that they are out of the scope of the camera.
Your baby’s spine is getting stronger and more supple to support his growing body. Your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes are now well formed and the hair on the head is longer and more plentiful. Your baby has his own unique footprints and fingerprints
What’s more, your little dumpling has begun taking in antibodies to boost his immune system in preparation for the big day so that you can rest assured that he is healthy and ready to enter the world.
You are still swimming with hormones and experiencing symptoms galore. By now, you’ve become used to the constipation, heartburn, itchy abdomen, and leg cramps—just to name a few. The most glaring symptom these days may be an aching back. As your center of gravity shifts due to your expanding belly, your abdominal muscles are stretching and weakening. Walking or sitting for long periods of time, or standing can irritate your back. Try to relieve it by maintaining good posture throughout the day—pretend you’re carrying books on top of your head—, avoiding bending and twisting at the same time, and try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. A warm bath or a heating pad have also been known to do the trick but only on your back and not on your tummy.
Despite the discomfort, one of the most esciting symptoms of being pregnant are the moments throughout the day when you feel your precious baby kick. In fact, it probably feels like he’s kickboxing with all of the moving he’s doing—twisting, turning, and shifting his arms and legs. Fetal activity should now feel more defined and you might even begin to notice patterns when movement occurs such as after you eat, when you are getting ready for bed. Babies do develop patterns of activity and rest. If for some reason you observe a noticeable drop in fetal activity, contact your practitioner.
You will also want to inform your practitioner if you experience severe or sudden swelling in the face, hands, feet, or ankles. It may indicate a serious condition known as preeclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure and protein within the urine—hence the reason peeing in a cup at your prenatal visits is so important these days. Swelling is not the only sign of this disorder, however. You will also want to be aware of persistent or intense headaches, blurred or double vision, seeing spots or extra sensitivity to light, severe pain in the lower abdomen or vomiting. Rapid weight gain (as in four pounds per week), could be another sign. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.


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