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You’re 29 Weeks Pregnant!

What’s happening With Baby This Week?

Your little peanut is not so little anymore as she weighs in at almost three pounds (1.3 kilograms) and measures just over fifteen inches or 38 centimeters and is about the size of this butternut squash.

In fact, as she continues to accumulate fat deposits under her skin, you might feel slightly less movement due to cramped quarters. Babies tend to spend most of their time at this stage sleeping and because space is becoming limited, they won’t be jumping and spinning anymore and you’ll probably just feel kicks, jabs and pokes from here on out.

Your doctor may ask you to count the number of movements each day. A general rule of thumb is ten kicks in an hour, but follow your caretaker’s advice. If you experience a sudden decrease in fetal activity, contact your doctor immediately.

Your baby’s brain is growing quickly now and the soft bones of his skull are expanding to accommodate it. Your baby is conscious of the world around them and the brain is creating memory. Baby can also  recognize rhythms and patterns of Mother’s speech.

Even when babies sleep, their brains are working and during part of this time their eyes respond with little reflex movements known as rapid eye movements or REM. In adults this is associated with dreaming but we are not entirely certain if babies dream at this stage.

If you haven’t done so already introduce your baby to music….fast music stimulates where classical music has a calming effect. Your baby may actually be able to remember music that is repeated.

What is Happening With You this Week?

With the third trimester well under way, it is exceedingly important that you care for yourself to ensure a healthy baby.

Be sure to get plenty of vitamin C, protein, folic acid, and iron throughout the day. Calcium is another major player. If you desire an alternative to milk, then try yogurt, cheese, spinach or even calcium rich orange juice.

Approximately 250 milligrams of calcium are added daily to your baby’s maturing skeleton so maintaining a healthy diet and taking prenatal vitamins is important.

Hemoglobin & Anaemia:

Around week 28 or 29, your hemoglobin, which is your blood count for your red blood cells will be tested to ensure that you have not developed anaemia. Anaemia is easily treatable with iron tablets but iron rich foods such as red meats, kidney beans, fish and spinach should also form a major part of your diet.

Anaemia can be common because your blood volume has increased by a third and more iron is needed to make enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body. Anaemia is a condition in which your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells.

The main symptom of anemia is tiredness although in severe cases you may also feel faint, dizzy, breathless and see spots in front of your eyes but this is uncommon. If you experience any of these contact your health care provider immediately.

Birth Plan
Now is the time to develop your birth plan. Being specific about how you would like your labour and the delivery of your baby to be managed will help you achieve the kind of birth experience you desire.

A birth plan is also a good way to identify any issues you are not sure about and this will give you a chance to discuss your ideas with your healthcare providers. Some hospitals have formal plans while others are happy to accommodate your ideas. Either way, you need to make this plan with your partner so that he or she is involved in your wishes well in advance.

Digestive System:

As your baby grows, there is intense pressure on the digestive system likely causing hemorrhoids, heartburn, pain in the pelvic area and frequent urination. Many women manage the heartburn by popping an occasional antacid—consult your doctor first, of course.

As for the pelvic pain, ask your practitioner for stretches that may help. Hemorrhoids can be alleviated by soaking in a Sitz bath or applying a cold compress containing witch hazel ( witch hazel is an astringent that can dry and tighten tissue.)—again I stress, check with your practitioner.

Speaking of digestive systems, yours has probably become a bit sluggish these days producing not only heartburn but also constipation.

Fight constipation by eating high-fiber foods—whole grains, plenty of fruit and veggies—and exercise. Walking, prenatal yoga, or even swimming will suffice.

Here are a few tips for Week 29:

• If you haven’t already done so speak to your employer about maternity leave. Some Mom’s like to start their leave weeks before baby’s birth while other Mom’s wait till the last moment. It will all depend on what kind of work you do.

• You will probably be starting your antenatal classes. Most classes have start dates every four weeks and recommend women start their classes between 30 and 32 weeks so now would be a good time to sign up for classes.

• If you haven’t tried swimming, pregnancy yoga or exercise classes try to find the time to do so soon.

• Whatever your chosen method of exercise make sure that you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises regularly and paying attention to your posture.

• So that is it for week 29!  If you have any questions or comments please join in the conversation in the forums at I can’t wait to tell you what is happening during week 30, until then enjoy this pregnancy journey these are the precious moments our lives our made of, I’m Monica Healy and thanks for watching.


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  • Manjunath K

    Hi Monica doctor, i am very big follower of pregnancy chat. Myself Mr Manjunath.k husband of Rathi from India. I need a help from you. she will be completeing her 29th week today i.e 21st jan 2015. From tomorrow she will start her 30th week. Last month 21st dec 2014 Doctor noticed KIDNEY STONE of 10 MM size on left side. So doctor suggested her to go for STUNT( a small tube inside to avoid PAIN causing big pain to all family members).From 1 week she passes urine 2-3 times with bleeding. I am so afraid after seeing. Next week she want to undergo STUNT replacement. But she is diagreeing. So what to do? Any Suggestion on the above? Yesterday she got Delivery pain so doctor said to take tablets to avoid Pre-Mature(28thweek). So how to go ahead my dear doctor. We are facing a big problem and lot of pain.I am really sort of crying. Please help me. I am waiting for reply. I am waiting now

    • PregnancyChat

      Thank you for contacting us. From the information that you gave me it sounds as though your wife has a renal calculus that is obstructing her kidney. This is why there is pain and bleeding. I would suggest that she agree to the stent to ease her pain and release the obstruction and to protect the health of her kidney. I would follow your doctor’s advice. I hope this is helpful and try not too worry. Kind regards Monica