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You’re 32 Weeks Pregnant!

Developments in Baby:

Growing by Leaps and Bounds
Baby weighs approximately 3.75 pounds (1.7 kilograms) and measures 16.7 inches (42.4 centimeters) in length. This is a life like model of a 32 week fetus and is about the size of a butternut squash.
Research has argued that there is little difference between the brain of a newborn and the brain of a 32 week fetus. By the time baby is born she has been thinking, learning and remembering for about three months.
REM Sleep
Your baby sleeps most of the time at this stage but when awake will open and close the eyes. Rapid eye movements (REM) associated with dreaming can be detected now. Dreaming encourages the development of the brain, which is why your baby sleeps most of the time. Usually baby is resting in the head down position in the womb preparing for birth.

Baby is practicing breathing movements although he isonly taking in amniotic fluid. These movements help his lungs to strengthen and develop. This fluid is digested and filtered through the kidneys to be excreted by the urinary bladder.

Your little treasure has developed all the senses. He can hear, see, taste, smell and touch. Expose your baby to music. The type of music a baby is exposed to can alter Baby’s mood. Fast music stimultes and excites her. Classical music has a calming effect. If your Baby hears the same music over and over again she may remember it. It has been shown in studies that the same music played to a baby after they are born as when they were in the womb helped calm a crying baby.
As you rapidly gain that weekly pound, your baby gains half a pound (.2 kilograms). In the remaining weeks, he will almost double in size. Ams, legs and body are continuing to fill out and they are proportional to your babby’s head. With all of the added poundage, there is less room for amniotic fluid; thus, you may feel stronger movement as there is no barrier to cushion the jabs and kicks and beleive me Baby makes a lot of vigorous movements now. Baby’s toenails and fingernails and actual hair or peach fuzz have fully developed.
At this stage, his immune system is still under construction as his body continuously receives your antibodies.

Developments in Mother:
Stronger Symptoms
As delivery nears, there are fewer new developments; the familiar symptoms that you’ve been experiencing intensify. The road ahead is paved with aches and pains, heartburn, and increased weight gain—about a pound a week (.4 kilograms)—, but it all ends with the birth of your beautiful baby.
Until then, relieve your discomfort by sleeping propped on pillows to alleviate breathlessness, and eat smaller, more frequent meals to cut down on the heartburn. Your uterus is approaching the highest position it will reach with the top sitting about 5 inches or 12 centimetes above your belly button.
With the expansion of your belly getting up from the floor or bed after resting or exercise can put a strain on the abdominal muscles which are already stretched to capacity. Roll on to your right side drawing your knees up then shift your weight and use your hands and bent knees to come up on all fours. This is a good way to safely get up.

Fully Prepared
Your amazing body is preparing for delivery day, but if you were to experience preterm labor now, your body is ready for action. Blood volume has increased about 40 to 50 percent to accommodate both mother and baby’s needs. You may notice your nipples look darker these days, it has been said that this is to help baby find his food source after birth.
Your baby may be getting into the head down position by twisting and turning getting ready for her journey through the birth canal.

* Think about the people that you want in your delivery room—a partner, doula, parent, etc.—and be sure to consider any outside help that you might require.

* Speak to friends and family about pitching in—preparing meals, shopping for groceries, offering childcare or transportation, or even helping around the house— after the baby is born. Most people enjoy helping particularly when the reward consists of spending a few moments with a precious newborn.

Week 32 Basics:

* Symptoms are intensifying as you near the end. Gaining about a pound (.4 kilos) per week
* Blood volume has increased 40-50%
* Nipples are darker


* Weighs approximately 3.75 pounds (1.7 kilos) and measures 16.7 inches (42.4 cm)
* Might be in the head-down position, ready for birth
* Gaining ½ pound (.2 kilos) per week
* Less amniotic fluid
* Developing an immune system
* Toenails, fingernails, and hair is fully developed


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  • Sindhu Pattisapu Neela

    I would like to know about my sleeping position during pregnancy

    I am currently 31 weeks preganant

    I regulalry watch your videos and it is so in detail

    thank u so much for uploading such videos..


    while I am sleeping on my left side.. I feel my baby has moved to extreme left and baby is kicking me at the edge of left end..

    I want to know, if my baby’s body parts are welll formed without any issues.. as I always feel when I sleep on left

    I am stamping my baby body parts as he is moving towards left

    Please sugges