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You’re 34 Weeks Pregnant!

Your baby is weighing in at around 2.3 kilos or around 5 pounds and about 18 inches long or about 45 centimeters from head to toe and about the size of a large butternut squash.
This is day 232 of your pregnancy and that means only 48 more days to go.

Your Baby continues to make all sorts of facial expressions in the womb with lots of smiling and yawning. Interestingly you won’t see Baby smile after birth until Baby is 4 to 6 weeks old.
While hair on Baby’s head continues to thicken he is still shedding most of the soft body hair called lanugo.
That waxy like substance we have talked about before called vernix still covers and protects Baby’s skin. After birth you may see traces of vernix especially under Baby’s arms, behind the ears and in the groin area.
Baby’s skin is becoming significantly less wrinkled. His tiny little finger nails have reached the tips of the fingers and may have to be clipped after birth to prevent Baby from scratching him or herself.
Your little one’s own immune system can fight mild infections now. Baby’s lungs also still need a little more time to develop.

Adrenal Glands:
At this stage your Baby’s adrenal glands are producing ten times more steroid hormone than a normal adult. These hormones indirectly stimulate lactation in you, the mother. Lactation is when the breasts secrete milk for the Baby. The Baby’s adrenal glands will shrink after birth.
The bones of his skeleton continue to harden so it is very important for you to continue taking calcium. If you’re not providing enough calcium your Baby will draw calcium from your bones to insure that he is receiving his necessary minerals. This can greatly weaken your own bones and teeth so be sure you are eating or supplementing enough calcium.

New Developments

There are still some new developments in your fetus. If you are having a boy, then his testicles have probably made their final descent by now unless he is in the 3-4% of boys who are born with testicles that have yet to drop. This may not be common, but it is nothing to fear. They usually make their way down by his first birthday.
Space for Baby is becoming more restricted so movements may be fewer but much more powerful when they do happen.

Developments in Mother:
Those pesky symptoms continue to afflict you as you endure heightened fatigue this week. Perhaps you’re not as drained as the first trimester, but lack of sleep combined with physical exertion create a tired mommy-to-be. Constipation and hemorrhoids may be plaguing you as well. Fight back with a high-fiber diet.

If you were not leaking colostrum (Baby’s first meal) from your breasts before, you may begin this week. Some women never leak colostrum; it does not mean that their bodies are not prepared for their baby’s arrival.

Braxton Hicks:
The Braxton Hicks contractions may have become more frequent in preparation for real labour. Braxton Hick’s feel like a tightening at the top of the uterus that spreads down and then relaxes. Please note that Braxton Hicks feel quite different from real contractions. Real labour contractions will become more frequent, progressively longer in duration and more painful. If you water breaks please call your doctor immediately.
Your weight gain will be around a pound per weekend you may be surprised at how big your tummy is now. With all that weight your are carrying around you’ll need to slow down. Try not to exert yourself and avoid doing any unnecessary projects.
As I already mentioned Insomnia can remain a problem so try developing a winding down routine before bedtime. Try a nice warm bath with some lavender drops. Listen to soothing music and have a nice warm cup of milk to make you sleepy. Use pillows to make yourself comfortable in bed.

Womb Music:
Continue to  use womb music. Baby can hear clearly from about week 20 and it has been stated in studies that Baby’s will remember music that they have heard in the womb. This can sooth and upset Baby after birth. Your Baby can be receptive to your mood too so play music that you like as well.
Abdominal Stretching:
Another symptom you may experience is abdominal stretching and areas of heat on your abdomen. This uncomfortable burning sensation across your stretched belly is caused by the pressure the uterus or womb is putting on the abdominal muscles. This pain sensation would be near the surface of your abdomen so if you experience pain deep within your abdomen please speak to you our doctor or midwife. You can also consider wearing loose fitting clothes as tighter garments can cause more pressure and irritation.

Tips for this week:

• If you haven’t signed up for child birth classes now is the time.
• By now you will probably have left work or are thinking of leaving soon. Sit down and figure out how your maternity leave may affect your financial life.
• Have you decided whether you want to breastfeed or not? See our quick breastfeeding video for more info.
• You will likely be visiting your doctor weekly now where blood pressure and urine tests will be carried out for any signs of trouble such as high blood pressure or protein in your urine.
• Get all final preparations under way so that, should baby come early, you are completely prepared. You may want to consider the following:
– Give a trusted family member or friend the keys to your house.
– Contact someone to feed pets, water plants, and get mail.
– If you have children, make arrangements for people to take them to school and other activities.
– If necessary, recruit someone to fill in where needed at work or other obligations


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