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You’re 6 Weeks Pregnant!

The Embryonic Stage

Week 6 is the first week of the what we consider the embryonic stage. The embryonic phase is a time during which all major internal and external structures begin to form. Although most organ function remains minimal the cardiovascular system develops rapidly and a beating heart can be detected by ultrasound. The appearance of the embryo changes dramatically and this disk like structure transforms into a C-shaped structure and starts to develop a human like appearance.

Embryo Development

By 6 weeks the embryo’s nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape. Your baby has a disproportionately large head that bends forwards from a gently curved spine.

There are dark spots where your baby’s eyes and nostrils are starting to form. The eyes are open and set widely apart. Baby’s ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and arm and leg buds areĀ appearing.

The heart is beating somewhere between 100 and 135 beats per minute and blood is beginning to course through the embryo’s body. Intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will form the lungs has appeared. The pituitary gland is forming, as well as the rest of the brain, muscles, and bones.

Right now, your baby is about the size of a lentil or 3mm. By the end of week 6 the umbilical cord forms containing two arteries and one vein are covered by amnion and molded together by a substance called Wharton’s jelly.


Did you know that human’s share 98% of DNA with chimpanzies? We share DNA with animals, flies and even daffodils. Only 1.5 % of our DNA make us human.


With modern ultrasound technology multiple pregnancies such as twins and triplets can be identified as early as week 6. If twins run on your Mother’s side you have a greater chance of having twins yourself. Twins on the father’s side seem to have less influence.

How Are You Feeling?

Now for the Moms themselves. You may be feeling moody one day and joyful the next but what you’re going through is normal and caused partly by fluctuating hormones. It is essential that you get plenty of sleep, plenty of exercise and follow a well balanced diet that can meet the change in demands due to pregnancy. You may notice changes in smell and taste so that foods you originally enjoyed no longer appeal to you. If you are feeling nauseous concentrate on foods that will stay down. Some foods to avoid are certain cheeses such as brie, camembert and blue veined cheese, pate, raw or partially cooked eggs, raw and undercooked meat, shark, swordfish raw, shellfish, alcohol and liver products and supplements containing vitamin A.

Things to concentrate on are calcium, iodine, iron and folic acid. Iodine plays an important role in development of baby, folic acid is important in the first 12 weeks when the neural tube is formed and iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells and metabolism.

Antenatal Appointment

If you haven’t already done so make an appointment for your first antenatal check. These checks are important and are designed to monitor your baby’s development and to also ensure that you stay healthy.


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  • jessica

    Hi monica.can u give me some information on Trans Vaginal ultrasound during week 6 of pregnancy? is it safe? is it right that trans vaginal ultrasound may cause the miscarriage in early pregnancy?and another question is Dr. able to hear the heart beat in 6weeks and 1day?thanks

    • PregnancyChat

      Having a vaginal ultrasound does not cause miscarriage. It is gentle and is the easiest way to see an embryo in early pregnancy. The doctor and yourself will see the heart beating but you won’t hear it until week 12. I wish you well. Kind regards Monica

  • jessica

    Hi Monica. Thank u for all answers.i have another HCG level is normal but my progesterone hormone level is it may cause the roblem or miscarriage in early pregnancy?or as long as hcg is normal at this level there is no any problem?can u help me on that.thansk

    • PregnancyChat

      Thank you for contacting us. Low progesterone can sometimes be the cause of a miscarriage. I would speak to your doctor though. They sometimes will prescribe progesterone if there is a threat of miscarriage. I wish you well. Kind regards Monica

  • Siobhan Slowey

    Hi I’m 6weeks pregnant just went for a scan and they told me I have a small bleed next to the baby and that I could miscarry I have a little boy already and I had a placental abrustion with him at 38 weeks and last year I had a misscage at 11weeks should I be worried that I’m gonna lose this baby I’ve had no vaginal bleeding or pain can you help me as I’m scared

    • PregnancyChat

      Hi Siobhan, thank you for contacting us. A small bleed near a gestational sac in early pregnancy is a very common ultrasound finding. Most of these pregnancies go full term. I wouldn’t worry too much.

      Kind regards


  • Pat

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant. Last night I passed a little blood and what looked like some tissue. The “tissue” looked like what I’ve seen before during my period. I now only see a little bit of blood if I wipe. I feel a little like I have my period, but only very mildly. I do not have heavy bleeding, fever, severe cramping, or any of the other symptoms associated with a miscarriage. Should I be worried?

    • PregnancyChat

      Dear Pat,

      Thank you for contacting us. Sometimes bleeding is the only sign of impending miscarriage. If it is possible I would suggest that you have an ultrasound. Bleeding is very common and can be normal in early pregnancy. If the blood is bright red and there is a clot I would contact your health care provider. Kind regards Monica

      • Pat

        I went to the hospital yesterday. My HCG level was 384, my cervix was closed. They were not able to see anything with an ultrasound. They said it could be too early. Last night I started to experience painful cramps, to bleed more, and I have been passing more clots. I currently feel like I have my period. They suggested having my HCG level tested again in 2 days and having another ultrasound in 4-7 days. I feel as though I should expect the worst. I tested positive on June 23. That was 4 days late for my period. Since then, my endocrinologist had confirmed the pregnancy with a blood test. She did not check HCG level however. The first day of my last period was May 22.

        • PregnancyChat

          Hi Pat, thank you for contacting us. If your LMP was 22/05 and your cycles are fairly regular you should be 6 weeks 6 days today. We would have seen an intrauterine gestational sac a week ago. I would be concerned that there might be an ectopic pregnancy with your bleeding and cramping. Do attend the doctor for close observation. A positive pregnancy test with no visible intrauterine gestational sac is always considered to be ectopic until proven otherwise. Keep in touch. Kind regards Monica

  • shanza farhan

    Hi Monica, today i found u luckily, i have a 3year old son n now i have tried for another but on 1st aug 2014 i had a miscarriage, n my last period was on 30th may n i didn’t find positive result in urine so i actually dnt know what was my week,then my gp recommended blood test n it was positive but diagnosed with hypothyroidism n vit D deficiency , in my first all was good now i m having my first period on 36th day after miscarriage all was natural now m so worried can i try again this time? Is it safe? On 8th aug my thyroid level came normal. Yeah one thing in my first pregnancy i had alot of morning sickness n so much vomiting from the starting but this time i didn’t even feel pregnant then end up with miscarried. Plz suggest me n advice me.
    thanks shanza

  • Melanie

    I’m at my 6 weeks. My concern is that I lost my food appetite. I have to force myself to eat something… and I feel like I don’t enjoy to eat… This is a concern for me since the only food that satisfies me is cake or sweet biscuits… What should I do?