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Childbirth Surprise 2: Labour Pain

Labour Pain— Perhaps you’ll be in the minority of women who claim that labor was easier than they had expected.

Chances are though that you will be in the other boat (more like a ship) of women who find that labor may be a bit more, no, a lot more intense than originally anticipated.

Having a baby hurts. How much it hurts , how long it will hurt and how you personally cope with the pain are all factors that is impossible for me  to generalize for you.

I would love to give you detailed stories of my levels of pain but it was different with each one of my children and well……I sort of blocked it out….

Whether you opt to labor with or without pain medication, it is important to Know Your Options. Do your research and think seriously about what you think might be right for you.

But what ever you decide be  totally prepared to change your mind….or have it changed for you.

Do what you feel works best for you and your baby, your partner, and most important for the safety of your Baby.

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