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Childbirth Surprise 5: Baby Meconium

Not only can you experience bowel movements, but your baby may have his first stool called meconium during or after labor and delivery.

Meconium is a tar-like substance that is the buildup of all of the elements your baby ingested while in the uterus—amniotic fluid, lanugo, etc.

Usually the baby defecates after delivery, but on occasion, it may happen during or before birth if Baby becomes a little distressed.

It is nothing to worry about, but if it is suspected that the baby may have ingested any meconium, he will be treated with antibiotics.

My first Baby was in distress and this happened….he’s a fine young man now.

Meconium can last in the baby’s system for about three days until it is completely expelled and the texture of his bowel movements changes to a yellow, seedy stool.

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