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Childbirth Surprise 6: After Delivery

When the baby arrives she is often covered in a thick, white coating. Her head can be somewhat misshapen, especially after a vaginal birth.

Most people know that newborns sleep a lot, but often times they are very alert for the first hour following delivery.

This is the perfect time to practice breastfeeding—if you intend to do so—and bond with your little one. Your baby will also receive a range of tests and medications to ensure that she is healthy and protected.

And you thought you felt your last contraction during birth!! No sorry there is a few more to come.

Your womb has to contract back to it’s normal size in the days after birth and this can be very painful sometimes as painful as labour and particularly during breast feeding as it releases oxytocin a hormone that triggers contractions.

These after pains are usually more pronounced on subsequent pregnancies.

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  • Sarah Lightfoot

    When can you have sex after birth?