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Childbirth Surprise 7: Breastfeeding

 Don’t be surprised to discover that breastfeeding takes work.

It can be a struggle trying to get baby to latch properly, poor milk supply, sore or infected nipples or a disinterested Baby.

And to be upfront trying to get breast feeding established can really really hurt even when Baby is in the correct position.

It feels like someone put clamps on your nipples then twisted them…..ouch!!! then try to get your newborn to wake up long enough to eat for a forty minute feeding (Yes, it takes about that long in the beginning), you’ll feel tied to your sofa.

Seriously though none of this is intended to put you off  breast feeding…..the truth is once you have mastered breast feeding it will be a breeze.

It’s always there on demand and at just the right temperature.

I breast fed all of my children and it was a very beautiful and memorable time of our lives.

Position the baby in a way that is comfortable for both or you.

If you are having difficulty and need support let us know.

If you should experience any pain, please consult your physician.

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