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Childbirth Surprise 9: Sex After Delivery

Sex After Delivery— There is an unspoken assumption that by six weeks postpartum after a vaginal birth, your body will be completely healed and mostly back to normal.

After all, that’s when doctors give the OK to have sex, right? Unfortunately most women still feel discomfort beyond six weeks post partum particularly during intercourse .

This is because your estrogen levels are lower than normal, and your vagina may not produce the mucus that it did previously causing discomfort or pain during intercourse.

Take note that it’s alright to have sex before 6 weeks that’s if you’re in good shape below. your lochia flow has ceased and you can find the energy!!

Be sure to use a lubricating jelly to take the edge off.

Doing pelvic floor exercises will help with the healing as it increases blood flow to the area.

This will also help with urine leaks another delightful consequence of giving birth.

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