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*UPDATE 22 April 2014: About 24 hours after releasing my press release I found my YouTube account has been reactivated! YouTube explained that it was an error on their part and my account does not violate any of their policies. Thanks for everyone’s support, so happy to be back online! – Monica

Dear @YouTube, you broke my heart.
– Monica


An open letter to YouTube:
About a month ago, I was at my son’s house in Ontario, Canada where my six children and grandchild always gather for the Christmas holidays. As always, I woke, made some coffee and opened my laptop to see what new comments and questions my YouTube viewers had asked on my pregnancy channel,

On this cold December morning, I opened my channel page and instead of seeing a list of pregnancy and parenting videos there was now an error that still tarnishes my reputation:
YouTube Account Termination Error
How It All Started:
At 61 years of age, I don’t always get this technology stuff right. I try my best, make mistakes and am learning as I go. My romance with youtube goes back about two years when I built up enough courage to post a little video of myself on youtube to see what would happen. I was overwhelmed by this amazing  technology that enabled anyone to share their voice, story… and life to the rest of the world.

This little video get some a few views, comments and likes and this was all I needed to inspire me to create another video… and another. Over the past two years I was inspired to produced over 100 pregnancy and parenting videos, gained a following of over 5,000 subscribers and 2 million views… not bad for a little old lady with a youtube account!

61 Year Old Mommy Blogger Banned From YouTube!
After having six children and working with thousands of expecting couples each year at my pregnancy scan centre Ultrasound Dimensions, I’ve learned a lot about pregnancy and parenting and just want to share my message with other moms and moms-to-be! I really thought that YouTube was  the perfect platform for me to reach other moms and I know, from the hundreds of positive comments I’ve received that the youtube community felt the same… but without even a polite “goodbye” my channel was turned off taking all my videos with it.

Sorry About ThatOver the past months I have tried to follow the procedure to ask for reconsideration but have no response not even a little one in return. I can understand if youtube wants to close user accounts, it’s their right… but all I ask for is a reason as to why my account was closed, if for nothing else So I can have a little peace of mind.

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to YouTube, Google and my viewers. If I have broke your trust, I am truly sorry and would love the opportunity to make amends.

My Mission:
It is my mission with PregnancyChat to nurture moms through their pregnancy and beyond… I’ll continue to do this with or without YouTube. It was never my intention to do any harm or violate any policies so if there is something I have done, I am sorry!

Youtube, I miss you…  will you forgive this little old lady?

Thank you for your consideration,

Kind regards,

Monica Healy (formerly pregnancychat on YouTube)

P.S Update: I’ve been receiving some heartwarming feedback from my viewers on Facebook. Thank you so much for your support!

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  • Hzle

    Hi Monica. Sad to hear this. We did wonder what happened (but many of your videos have been re-posted on YT by someone else, did you know this? The link to their a/c is

    We were watching your videos weekly. At the same time as the YT a/c was closed, I tried this site and it seemed to have been hacked. Glad it’s back now.

    Could these two facts be related? Youtube usually sends an email warning or 2 before closing an account. Could they have sent these to an email address you rarely or never use any more?

    best wishes

    • PregnancyChat

      Hi Hzle,
      Thanks for writing, yes I’m really devastated this happened! I didn’t get any warning emails from YouTube, I checked every email account for a warning email.

      Thanks for the heads up about that YouTube channel that has re-posted my videos. I don’t have any affiliation with them. I’ve since re-uploaded my videos to Vimeo and am going to see about putting them on YouTube again as well.

      I’m still trying to get in touch with YouTube about our terminated account. I’m still hopeful that YouTube might realize the mistake.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write, it means the world to me.

      P.S What stage of pregnancy are you at now?

      • Hzle

        Hi Monica

        No problem. We’ve love the videos & found them very informative. My partner is 38 weeks in now (with our 2nd) and quite uncomfortable with a bit of a cold & bad back, poor thing (some people say that my nickname “Hzle” sounds female, but I’m the Dad 🙂

        I don’t think you *can* make it impossible for people to download YT videos, and this goes for Vimeo too. If you catch someone reposting your videos you should – if you so wish – be able to ask YT to take them down pronto.

        (some users do so and then the videos can pop up again under another user!)

        Re:emails – the only thing I can think is to check your spam folders in the relevant email addresses. Occasionally, spam filters can wrongly catch perfectly legitimate emails. I’d be unimpressed if YT closed accounts without any warning whatsoever

        best wishes

  • tara

    I loved your weekly videos I waited until every Mondays night Just to read about what was going on in my crazy next week of pregnacy, it was like sitting in a quit room and eating a block of chocolate all to your self it was my weekly guilty pleasure, and I loved it, thank you for all of your help and support during my pregnancy I live alone with my husband and your video s made me feel like I hade a mum or a friend close buy, I just wish other mom’s got the chance to see your beautiful amounts of hard work and love you put into making each and every one of your videos, hope you can get your account fixed keep up with the good work, we love you Monica