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Giving Birth & The Pregnancy Final Thoughts

Hi I’m Monica Healy from, thanks for watching our 40 week series video.

I just want to take this time to go over some final thoughts about this amazing 40 week journey.

In just over nine months Baby’s brain has grown around 100 billion neurons, with 100 trillion connections.

Although it was the first organ to form it is the last to be completed. Unlike most organs, which are virtually complete by day 50, the brain becomes more and more complex throughout pregnancy and will keep developing long after birth.

Starting as a single cell the Baby is now heavy and her quarters cramped. Your Baby now is a nutritional drain on you and the fat Baby is putting on is using up more resources than you can provide.

No one really knows exactly what initiates labor but it is the placenta that determines the timing.

It produced the hormone HCG that started pregnancy and now produces a different one corticotrophin CRH releasing hormone that ends it.

This sets in motion a series of other hormones most notable from the adrenal glands that leads to birth.

From the very first day of pregnancy, most ot the subtle as well as the more dramatic changes in the mother’s body are under the control of key hormones.

These are produced from existing sources and glands in the Mother’s body but increasingly as pregnancy pregresses by the placenta and the developing Baby.

The hormone CRH is made by the placenta in early pregnancy but utput increases steadily and eventually triggers birth. It now seems that this creeping increase in CRH is the time keeper of human pregnancy.

As the CRH rises the levels of other hormones such as estrogen which in turn stimulates the uterus to contract while triggering oxytocin (secreted by the pituitary gland )

and prostaglandin two chemicals that drive the muscular contractions as well as softening the cervix so that it can open and allow Baby to pass through.

Oxytocin also inhibits memory and may have a role in helping women forget the pain of birth and bond with their Baby.

The commonest position for Babies to enter the birth canal is head down with their tummy facing Mother’s spine and their arms and legs drawn up in the classic fetal position.

Most Babies do not directly face their Mother’s spine but are slightly tilted to the left or right.

For some reason more Babies face the Mother’s right side that the left.

The upside down position is the most comfortable position for the Baby as well as the easiest and safest for delivery. She moves into position herself the weight of her head helping her to nestle in.

About 96 % of Babies are born in this position whereas about 3% are breech or rump first.

Once Baby is born you will feed and keep your Baby warm but for the first time Baby’s body must keep itself alive.

Birth marks the beginning of a journey in the world even though Baby has already traveled an incredible path during her time in the womb.

Baby has gone from an egg to and embryo to a fetus to the trillions of cells that make up a newborn Baby.

Protected by his Mother and following his own unique set of genetic instructions he has grwon a face, arms, eyes, legs.

He has a brain and a nervous system to control his body, intestines to digest food and a heart to pump blood.

Baby has learned to breathe, hear, feed, and remember all before being born.

It is time now for Baby to be born into the world.

Thanks again for watching, if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear them at
I’m Monica Healy!


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