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Book Review: Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy by Rosie Pope
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Rosie Pope is the star of Bravo’s hit show Pregnant in Heels. As well as owning the luxury maternity fashion brand, Rosie Pope Maternity, Rosie also offers a mommy concierge service, MomPrep, to millionaire mommies in New York. As part of this, Rosie runs workshops in prenatal, postnatal and parenting education. From designing stylish nurseries, to teaching new parents essential first aid, Rosie has it all covered.

Rosie’s clients pay a lot of money for her services and expertise, and Rosie prides herself on making the impossible possible. Each of Rosie’s clients are asked to take the Mommy IQ test, this specially formulated questionnaire allows Rosie to gain insight into her clients and whether they are ready for the arrival of the new baby. The test itself covers basic baby care and helps Rosie to identify how she can best help her clients prepare for parenthood.

Rosie Pope’s book, Mommy IQ The Complete Guide to Pregnancy, has become one of the must-have pregnancy bibles for pregnant women. The book begins by offering advice for women trying to conceive, and ends with a no-frills guide to buying for your baby. Mommy IQ is a friendly, conversational book filled with great advice, scientific research and great case studies. Rather than feeling cold and clinical, the book imparts information as though you are old friends chatting over a decaf coffee. Whether you’re already a fan of Rosie through her show, or whether you have no idea who she is, chances are she’ll become your pregnancy go-to girl with this book.

Though Rosie’s MomPrep business may be an exclusive service affordable only to rich moms-to-be, Mommy IQ is accessible to all pregnant women. This book wasn’t written with her usual client list in mind, it was written for every pregnant women out there. Whatever your job, lifestyle or education, Rosie’s book can help you to get ready for the birth of your child.

Personal experience:

Rosie is a mom of three (soon to be four) and has been there, done that, as far as pregnancy, birth and parenting are concerned. From an unexpected pregnancy, to facing fertility problems and IVF, Rosie really has done it all. The book is filled with personal anecdotes and experiences that really help to bring this book to life. Not only has Rosie lived it, but she’s willing to talk about it too, and that’s why this book is so popular amongst pregnant women. Rosie understands how you’re feeling, what you’re going through, and what she can say to make you feel better.

Easy to read

Mommy IQ is easy to read, and split into month-by-month chapters. Each chapter focuses on your baby’s development, the changes in your body, and the mental and emotional preparation you will be making for the big day. The book is easy to navigate and, while you may sit down and devour the whole text within the first week, you’ll undoubtedly be dipping back into it frequently over the coming months. Each chapter is filled with helpful hints and tips to allow you to get the most out of pregnancy. Whatever your current complaints, Rosie has some soothing words, and perhaps even a few tricks up her sleeves, to help you feel better.

Your tribe

Rosie talks about ‘tribes’ quite a bit, and this is simply a more eloquent way of saying ‘support system’. You will need support in the birthing room, support during the first few weeks, and support to help you raise your child. Whether this support comes from your partner, your mom or your best friend is up to your individual circumstances, but the term ‘tribe’ is a lovely way to think about these important people in your baby’s life. Rosie advises all her moms to think about their tribes – who’s in yours and what role do you want them to play? She keeps coming back to this issue throughout the back, and asking you to re-evaluate and perhaps add to your tribe.

Sciencey stuff

The book doesn’t shy away from science, and covers a host of sensitive topics including fertility problems, miscarriage and pain relief options for labour. Rosie knows her stuff and this is obvious when reading the book, but when a topic is over her head, Rosie hands over to Dr Amos Grunebaum, an obstetrician with over 30 years’ and 3000 births’ worth of experience. Dr Grunebaum is a practising obstetrician who keeps up to date with the latest research and as such is best qualified to discuss all things medical. Dr Grunebaum will guide you through pain relief choices, antenatal testing and preterm labour, to make sure you have the facts about all of these important issues.

Awkward wording

One thing that simply can’t be glossed over in a review of this book, is Rosie’s awkward (and, quite frankly, bizarre) wording for body parts. Rosie may be uncomfortable talking about these things, but it’s strange to comes across terms like “Queen Victoria” and “jubblies” in a book about pregnancy and childbirth. With childbirth and parenthood on the horizon, you need to get comfortable talking about these things. The obstetrician isn’t going to have a clue what you’re talking about when you yell, “Hands off my Queen Victoria,” in the delivery room.

Your bedside table

Aside from the occasional use of slang for body parts, this is a fantastic book. Buy a copy, soak up every word, and keep it on your bedside table so you can dip into it when pregnancy insomnia strikes. This isn’t a picture book, and won’t show you photos of how your baby is developing week by week, but it will give you all of the information you need to feel confident and ready for motherhood. From morning sickness to breastfeeding tips, gestational diabetes to preparing existing children to the new baby, this book answers every question you could ask. Remember, Rosie has been in your shoes, and that’s why she is able to answer your questions, ease your worries and hold your hand as you begin this very exciting journey.


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  • Claire

    Hi Monica, I am a big fan of yours. I religiously watched your youtube channel each week during my pregnancy and (without knowledge that it was your clinic) booked in to have a scan in blackrock. My husband -who watched the videos each week with me- noticed your diploma on the wall and we were a little star struck! unfortunately you were on leave at that time, but would have been a pleasure to meet the person who told us about our little baby at every stage of her growth!
    I have just recently began watching Rosie’s programme on TV and just love the idea of her Mummy IQ Tests to help new mothers out.
    I would love to win a copy of her book! Thanks! Claire