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  • carolina daveiga

    Hey My Name is Carolina i m 24 i have a 3 year old boy my last period was aug 24 ever since then i have not seen my period i have done so many test blood and urine all negative ultrasound and doctor say the see no baby and that i m not pregnant yet after all of that i still feel movements my belly is huge looks like i m about to have a child any time now everyone who sees me asking me if i am pregnant there is time that one side of my belly is bigger then the other my husband has seen the movements my sister my mom etc but doctors think i m crazy i m going nuts with this situation i know what i feel and i leave it all in god hand when its time i will have this baby can anybody help me what should i do???????

    • PregnancyChat

      My dearest Carolina, sometimes when someone wants a baby so badly the body creates a false pregnancy. I have seen this before in my clinic. It happens in animals as well. It is well documented but not entirely understood in humans but may have a hormonal cause. Your periods stop, your tummy appears bigger and you think you feel your baby moving. These hormonal changes cause symptoms similar to pregnancy. If your ultrasound, blood and urine test were negative for pregnancy then you are not really pregnant even though you feel as though you are. I’m sorry and take care. Kind regards Monica.