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Pregnancy Gas & Bloating?

We receive a lot of questions in regards to swollen tummies. During pregnancy, hormones play havoc with your gastrointestinal tract. Under the influence of these hormones, mainly progesterone, smooth muscle within your body relaxes and unfortunately that includes the lining of our intestines, which causes your digestive system to slow down. Unlike the muscles of your arms and legs this type of muscle motion is involuntary so it’s not under your control.

The good news is that this slowing down of digestion allows increased nutrient absorption into your bloodstream therefore allowing increased nutrition to reach your baby. Although these hormones are important for baby’s health the bad news is that this slowing down of digestion can cause bloating and flatulence for you.

To minimize the amount of gas and bloating you experience you may want to keep your bowels moving. Constipation can be a common cause of these symptoms. To avoid this, drink plenty of fluids, eat a variety of foods high in fibre and partake in physical activity on a regular basis.

In addition we suggest you eat slowly so that you are not swallowing air. Eat small frequent meals so that you don’t overload your digestive system. It’s a good idea also to avoid gas-producing foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, broccoli, onions, fried foods, beans and carbonated beverages to name a few.

Everyone is different and so you may have to experiment a little to find out what foods you can tolerate well.

Give your stomach time to empty before lying down as this can cause heartburn and reflux.


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