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Are You Trying to Conceive?

Monica Healy talks about couples that are trying to conceive.


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  • Sana123

    Hi Monica,
    We are trying to get pregnant now…my cycles are regular(for the past 4 months-28 days.) My last period was on march-16th…so i just want to know how long it takes for me to conceive?(we are trying for 2 months now).

    • Monica

      Hi Sana,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      I know when you have made up your mind to have a baby it can seem to take forever. It may take up to a year of trying to conceive before anyone will consider that you have fertility problems.

      If your last cycle was on March 16th then you would have ovulated around April 1st. Some women don’t ovulate regularly even if their cycles are regular.

      Is this your first pregnancy? Try to relax a little and I know of some women that found acupuncture, in expert hands, helpful in conceiving.

      Let us know how you get along.